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Mike Vick founded MNM Handyman Service,  with a hunger for something better for home remodeling and construction. He set out to create a company that would be proud of their work AND guarantee it. Thus, MNM Handyman does quality work and guarantees it for 5 years. Specializations -carpentry -Electrical work -Plumbing-Painting (exterior & interior)-Sheet rock repairs -Light construction work HVAC vents and pumps- boiler maintenance and pumps, residential and commercial. I have been performing this kind of work since the 1990s. My location is Watertown-Boston. I have taken care of several apartment buildings (up to 12 units), I have several long time customers both private and commercial. I have a lot of tools and can perform most miracles with them. I have a helper that works closely with me. I Have extensive experience in all aspects of repair and maintenance from appliances and remodeling.

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