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I needed some work done in my two bathrooms and in the kitchen with some checks of water pressure and to clean up the cocking and sealing of the showers/baths in my new home. Mike was able to quickly come over to give me an estimate and schedule the work the next week, whereas other handy man services could not even return my phone calls! He knew enough to offer me the “must do” inexpensive solution and we also talked about what else could be done but I appreciate he is pateint, answers my questions as I am a new homeowner and want to learn what he’s doing. The work was done in a shorter timeframe than he had estimated with a good price. When we was at my home doing the work with his colleague, they were quick, cleaned up and very nice.We had forgetten to look at one item in the bathroom amd Mike came by a second time to make the fix without any additional charge. I’ve found my handy man!
Mel F. Boston, MA
Had Mike seal up a window that was leaking when it rained in my condo. Held up tight in the northeaster a couple days later. Kindly gave me 1 year warranty on his work without me even asking. I should note, many other handyman services gave me the run-around about their availability, presumably because they didn’t want to come to Allston. Mike scheduled a time to come within a couple days and showed up and got the job done.
David H. Boston, MA
I’ve done business with Mike Vick for years. He is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know. He can do electrical, carpentry, you name it. I am distressed to see someone making up stories about plastic fixtures or hand towels he could care less about. If you need a job done and want it done the right way and skip paying phone book prices – he is your man! Very professional, completely responsive with communication (find that with contractors), and a genuinely pleasant fellow to be around and talk to. Bottom line: you will never waste a cent with MNM.
Hugh G. Boston, MA
I called Mike regarding a window A/C installation on the 3rd floor of our townhouse. Mike and his helper Raul were both very professional. They came on time as agreed, read the instructions on the safety bracket for the A/C, then figured out a way to install the bracket and A/C safely despite our brick exterior (it would have been easier if our exterior was wood), while all the time being thoughtful about how to slant it slightly so that rainwater would not get into our window. He also made sure to remind me how to uninstall the window A/C when winter comes.

Mike also helped us install a bathroom cabinet while he was here, and gave me pointers on what needs to be fixed around the house. I would definitely hire him again. He is thoughtful, thinks on his feet to make things work even if the settings are not ideal like in the instruction manual, and charges a reasonable rate. Mike is not the cheapest handyman I’ve hired, but he is one of the best and most thoughtful.

Lei P. Cambridge, MA
When another handyman service cancelled at the last minute, I called Mike. He and his assistant showed up 30 minutes later, tackled a ton of random stuff, made some very thoughtful suggestions about safety improvements, and left a couple of hours later without gouging me (as a single gal, I have become accustomed to getting the shell game shim-sham from most service providers). Solid work at a very fair price. I’ll use them again.
Caroline L. Boston, MA